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What Our Clients Say

“We had many choices of builders to choose from by Yestermorrow’s critical eye for authentic detailing and quality craftsmanship made the difference for us.”

- The LaRuffa Family

When Ken Troupe started Yestermorrow more than 15 years ago, there were no guarantees of what the future held.  With few assets other than determination and grit, our first homes were built.  We knew we would build homes that would endure and that no one would outwork us.  The goal was never to be the biggest builder.  Quite simply, the business model was based on uncompromising quality and hard work.  It turned out to be a model that has lasted through the good years and tough economic times.  The times have changed, however, our values have not.

When you choose Yestermorrow, you are choosing a homebuilding company committed to the highest standards of quality, design, functionality, value and integrity. More importantly, at Yestermorrow we set the standards for caring for our clients and work towards understanding their preferences, desires and dreams.  We are aware of what our name means, for our Company and for every Homeowner that entrusts us with working with them.

We believe the home building process is more than constructing a beautiful traditional home; it is establishing a lifelong, trusting relationship between our clients, our sub-trades and Architects and ourselves.


Other Reasons:

  • Winner of numerous awards;
  • Builder of Magazine-worthy homes;
  • Over the years, we have developed strong ties with the finest subcontractors the Lowcountry offers.  The foundation of these relationships – integrity and a shared dedication to quality – means that every aspect of your home will be created with the greatest care and attention;
  • Certified Green Builder and builder of Energy Star efficient homes.
  • Member of the NHBA (National Homebuilders Association) and HHBA (Hilton Head Area Builders Association).


Why Yestermorrow Why Yestermorrow

Recognition & Awards

Why Yestermorrow Why Yestermorrow
  • Selected as the builder of the first ever Coastal Living Magazine’s “Cottage of the Year” in the community of Habersham, Beaufort S.C. Yestermorrow and local Designer Eric Moser, created a true model in Seaside design and finish. It was a privilege to be a part of the team that created such a special and unique place.
  • Featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine.
  • Featured in Outside the Not So Big House book by Sarah Sasanka.
  • Featured in House to Home magazine—Yestermorrow’s home was the feature article and cover in the Island Packet’s bi-annual magazine.
  • Recipient of the Lighthouse Award, presented by Hilton Head Area Homebuilders Association. The HHABA has recognized Yestermorrow for its excellence in quality of home construction by awarding it several Lighthouse awards. Yestermorrow won “Best Overall” in all categories considered. These homes can be seen in our portfolio.



What Our Clients Say

“We had many choices of builders to choose from by Yestermorrow’s critical eye for authentic detailing and quality craftsmanship made the difference for us.”

- The LaRuffa Family

We value our relationships as much as the quality of our work. We have developed lasting relationships with our clients based on our dedication to open communication during the entire building process. Our clients appreciate our integrity and respect our exacting standards, and we have taken great satisfaction in exceeding their expectations.


“We absolutely love the home that Ken Troupe and the Yestermorrow team created for us in Palmetto Bluff. Ken is a delight to work with and is particularly sensitive to the frequent communication required to manage these long distance building projects. Ken was always accessible and highly responsive in the design and construction process, and worked very well with our architect. His eye for design created many very positive refinements to the home design and detail that we just couldn’t perceive in the ink on paper blueprints.

The sub-contractors that Ken has chosen for the Yestermorrow team are loyal, conscientious and support the highest quality standards that Yestermorrow has demonstrated on our project. Equally important, Ken and his team shared a strong accountability to our budget and timeline.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to build and live in many homes in the US and Europe and are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of the design and building process. We can confidently say that this project was the most enjoyable and resulted in the house of our dreams. We highly recommend Ken and the Yestermorrow team without reservation.” K & M Grodzki


“We are totally delighted with our experience in building our new home with Yestermorrow Homebuilders!  Not only were we satisfied with our end product but our journey was smooth and steady all the way.  Attention to detail with years of experience made all the difference. 

So often in building a home there are totally unexpected issues that arise but our builder was able to solve the riddles time after time without driving our budget beyond our means.

We  have no doubt that we were in safe hands all the way and we would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a first class builder that can make your dream home come true!” – The Zettelers


“The process of building our home was surprisingly seamless, despite the fact that we lived in another part of the country during construction. Yestermorrow constantly kept us up to date on the progress and we genuinely felt the staff cared as much about our new home as we did. The website provided a terrific vehicle for tracking aspects of the project. We were involved in all decisions and were thoroughly informed throughout the entire process.” – The Cookes


“I have been in the real estate business for 30 years. In that time, I have worked with many contractors, both large and small. Without question, Yestermorrow is one of the finest firms I have worked with. Our initial concern of building a house while being almost 500 miles away were quickly alleviated. Yestermorrow was on top of every detail. Issues were resolved quickly and to our immediate satisfaction. Most importantly, the house was finished ahead of schedule, on budget and with a minimal punch list. The final product is better than we imagined. Thank you for our fabulous house. You really made homebuilding easy.” – The Bisgers


“In May of 2008 we contracted with Yestermorrow to build our home in the community of Oldfield in Okatie, SC. We have spent a fair amount of time in Oldfield and there were several homes in the community that we particularly admired. Little did we know at the time that five of our favorite homes had been built by Yestermorrow. There is a certain quality and presence about their homes that makes them stand apart from so many others. Perhaps it is in the details, craftsmanship or pride that Yestermorrow and all their contractors take in their work, or perhaps it is the ability to listen to the homeowner and work with them in every aspect of the building process.”

“From our initial meeting with Eric and Ken, to the completion of the home with Harley, we were so impressed with their collaborative efforts on our behalf. We were in need of building our home within certain financial constraints which became a reality after Yestermorrow presented a comprehensive and details proposal. We rarely strayed from keeping within our budget due to the guidance and diligence in presenting ideas and options.”

“We absolutely adore our home. It is beautiful because of its simplicity and quality. It is beautiful because every person that stepped foot in the house was a professional in their own craft. Yestermorrow would not allow anything else. We are so appreciative of their integrity, work ethic and character.”

“We would welcome the opportunity to expand on our experiences with Yestermorrow. Our home is open as well if you would care to visit. Yestermorrow started as our builders and ended up as our friends.” – The Campbells


“Throughout the complex and challenging construction process, we benefitted from the caring professionalism of Yestermorrow / We are most fortunate to have entrusted the building of our dream home to those who share our vision, standards and personal values.” – The Moores


“We had many choices of builders to choose from by Yestermorrow’s critical eye for authentic detailing and quality craftsmanship made the difference for us.” – The LaRuffas

The Building Process

What Our Clients Say

“We had many choices of builders to choose from by Yestermorrow’s critical eye for authentic detailing and quality craftsmanship made the difference for us.”

- The LaRuffa Family

Dear Future Homeowner,

Each custom home that Yestermorrow builds is as diverse as the people that we build them for and there are many points of entry and paths to completion. Yestermorrow vows that, whatever your plans, we will work hand in hand every step of the way to ensure the entire process runs smoothly – it is our mission.

There are certain steps in planning and construction of your custom home. Our involvement in the design process will depend on how far along you are in your planning before contacting us. The most important step in building your dream home is the planning process, which involves more than simply knowing what floor plan you want. It includes selecting the design elements and amenities that will make your home truly personal. Prospective clients come to us at various stages of the design process and we do our best to ensure they end up with the home they envision and love.

We strongly encourage homeowners to involve Yestermorrow early on in the process. This can help avoid mistakes in site selection, home design and budget. As a trusted advisor from the beginning, I can guide you through the home design process and help you avoid the common mistakes that many encounter when building a custom home. Coming from an architectural background, I can ensure the design of the home follows the owners’ wishes and dreams, fits the lot and stays within your budget. The more time spent carefully planning, the less likely you will experience costly overruns or lengthened construction times.

Some of our prospective clients have already worked with an architect and have completed house plans ready to estimate. We will work with any Architect to price such a home and make sure the plans fit the homeowners’ budget. Having said that, so many times prospective clients have come to us with plans that they have expended considerable time and expense to create, only to find out that their budget was falling short. Yestermorrow is your advocate through the entire process. Through the builder/client/architect collaboration, the process is more efficient, the finished product is ultimately better, and the overall project is properly budgeted to ensure that each client can include the products and finishes they have always intended to make the home uniquely theirs.

So many times over the years, clients have come to us with decades of ideas and pictures, but really do not know how to get started. Yestermorrow is an advocate of the homeowner and we feel can be an integral and collaborative member of the design team. If this is your case, I will work with you to put together a design team to help establish a realistic budget for the project and then monitor the cost and scope through the design and construction process. Some homeowners have general sketch plans that they have drawn giving a basic idea of what they want to build; others have ideas in their head and/or pictures from magazines. Regardless of how these ideas are conveyed to us, Yestermorrow can work with you to design your dream home. We work with very talented local Architects and Designers that can realize and put on paper a client’s wishes. I will meet with you to get a feel for what you are envisioning and can, if you wish, bring those Architects on board to meet with you. It is important that you meet with potential Architects in order to ‘find someone whom you feel comfortable with’. I will facilitate and sit in on these initial introductions to advocate for you and ensure that you get a great home in the appropriate time frame and price range.

Your builder should be someone you trust and can communicate with. We work hand-in-hand with you and the designer, explaining the process and helping to avert problems along the way.   Open communication helps ensure that your project is flawlessly executed down to the last detail. Yestermorrow will thoroughly assess the site and design plans as they evolve to resolve potential issues before construction begins. We pride ourselves on flexibility and look for ways to improve the project as it progresses by suggesting design improvements, alternative materials and cost-saving approaches. I share my custom home building expertise to provide the fine details that personalize your home building experience and enhance your dream home’s beauty and value.

Once the final design documents/plans have been completed and have made it through the ARB (Architectural Review Board) process, which we are highly qualified to facilitate, construction is ready to begin. Contract negotiation is simple at this point for the process above has helped many clients develop their ideas into a home that is well beyond their expectations, while also making sure that their budget is not exceeded in the process.

Yestermorrow understands how complicated product selections can be. We partner with local, regional and national product vendors for access to complimentary product showrooms that offer our clients endless choice. We provide access to an Interior Designer that can help you create and execute the vision for your personal home. This Designer will partner with you to evaluate, compare and select your personal interior and exterior product selections prior to beginning construction, as well as during the construction process.

We will deliver to you the highest quality of work, with unsurpassed accountability and attention to detail. Yestermorrow understands that home construction can be intimidating. We are passionate about building traditional southern homes. Every home we build is constructed with superior grade materials, detailed craftsmanship, and thoughtful consideration to quality, value and comfort. Yestermorrow utilizes the latest in best practices for design and construction and is committed to building smarter homes. We are constantly evaluating sustainable concepts and providing choice for better energy efficiency, healthier homes, more comfortable homes and longer lasting homes. To us, that is smart building. Yestermorrow welcomes your participation in the construction of your personal home. We have specific client meetings that we would like you to participate in. A Pre-construction meeting; an electrical/rough in walk-through; a Homeowner Orientation meeting; and a Pre-closing sign-off meeting are times that we recommend pausing together to review information and confirm that we are building in the correct direction. Any additional planned site visits to the home are encouraged.

Yestermorrow Homebuilders gives great care to the quality of construction of each new home. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our attention to detail and overall craftsmanship. It is this special attention and pride that has so greatly contributed to our customer’s satisfaction and company success. We have the utmost confidence in the enduring quality and value of our homes, and take great care in looking after our homeowners even after they have moved in. Our reputation speaks for itself.

I look forward to discussing your new home with you,


Ken Troupe


Why Yestermorrow